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Descrizione di AndroDumpper ( WPS Connect )

The Application will try to connect to WPS enabled Wifi Routers that have the WPS vulnerability

using some algorithms to connect to the Wifi.

Hacking anything is forbidden in all religions -

And this application has been developed for totally Testing and Educational purposes only , im not responsible for any bad usage or hacking other Routers that you don't have the right to access

***ROOT is NOT totally required****

**** Location Permission is required for Wifi Network Scanning By Android*****

The application has two methods to connect:

- Root Method : Supported all android version but should be rooted.

- No Root Method : supports only Android 5 (Lollipop) and up.

For Android 5 (Lollipop) and up:

- If you are not rooted you can use the application to connect, but you cannot show password unless you are rooted.

- If you are rooted will be alerted to choose either Root Method or No Root Method. , you can show the password using both methods

For Android 4.4 and earlier:

- You have to be ROOTED for both connecting and showing password

- If Your are not Rooted , then you cannot use the application


- (Only Rooted Users ) You can show passwords for your current saved networks , just go to Menu then choose ( Saved Networks)

if you already know the WPS PIN you can use the app to connect and get the password using your PIN

Note: Please Before posting bad review ,, be informed that this may fail with some Access Points since these Access Points may not be affected by the WPS bug, so its not the Application fault.

Note: Trying the application on your network or any already connected network will be useless , the application will success always with already connected or saved network, even if your network is not effected by the WPS bug

Note: if the router has only WPS Bush Button and doesn't have fixed PIN , then this app wont work since it tries using the fixed

I have created random Pins Dictionaries Lists for BruteForce ( for people who don't know where to get or create dictionary ) can be downloaded from links below:

100 Pins:

500 Pins:

1000 Pins:

5000 Pins:

10000 Pins:

50000 Pins:

100000 Pins:

500000 Pins:

1000000 Pins:

5000000 Pins:

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Im The Developer , and im pure Palestinian :)

Your use of ‘ AndroDumpper’ is free of charge in exchange for safely sharing some of your device’s idle resources for the benefit of others. Please see

our TOS for further information:

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